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Multifunctional power station with 230V AC Sine Output

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Multifunctional power station with 1260Wh and high AC output power as well as DC charging power

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Mobile auxiliary battery for USB devices, notebooks and any devices with 12-24V charging voltage

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Multifunctional accessory: charger for AA and AAA batteries or power bank.

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Our inexpensive and compact power bank to store the solar energy.

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Multifunctional Power Station with 1500Wh and 230V Sine Output

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Mobile battery for USB devices and any devices with 12V charging voltage

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Our patented PowerBooster is an USB-Adapter-Cable, which allows a constant and efficient energy charge.

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The all-round power bank: Mobile additional battery for USB devices, notebooks and any device with 5V and 12-24V charging voltage.