About us – the Sonnenrepublik

Sonnenrepublik – this is what the name stands for: we want to make solar energy available to everyone, anytime and anywhere. At our location in Berlin we develop, produce and sell smart solar chargers, sophisticated solar systems for autarkic power supply and production facilities for solar modules on demand.

If you would like to get to know us personally, you will find our showroom in Berlin Charlottenburg at Kaiserdamm 14, 14057 Berlin, Germany.

For more information about our expertise and our services for commercial and industrial customers, please visit our B2B-page.

Our Philosophy

As passionate engineers, inventors and dedicated solar techies we develop devices and solutions that convince even critical users. We focus on design, sophisticated functions, performance and high-quality.

Our four principles apply to all of our self-produced solar chargers:

  • High-quality design
  • Optimal power output
  • High functionality
  • Sustainable and fair production

High-quality design:

  • The choice of the right material: depending on how the device is to be used we offer different materials: natural cork is organic and particularly of high-value, Cordura is extremely resistant and durable.
  • Using materials such as Portuguese natural cork we combine an elegant appearance and quality with sustainability.
  • We design our solar chargers to be as compact as possible but also in a reasonable size so that they function reliably. The Wing6 is the world’s smallest solar charger in its power range, Wing12 and Surf14 are also among the smallest and lightest solar chargers in their power range.

Optimal power output:

  • We only use high-quality and tested solar cells and thus guarantee reliable output values.
  • Our solar chargers have the highest efficiency on the market. This means the ratio between output, size and weight is optimal.
  • The charging current of our chargers and Powerbanks meets exactly the demands for daily use.

High functionality:

  • Our patented e-Bag principle ensures multiple benefits and is unlimited expandable.
  • With the Surf modules, the unique concept of the integrated charge controller ensures a higher shading tolerance, MPP adaptation to the end device and enables direct connection to 12V batteries or end devices.
  • The patented PowerBooster and thoroughly selected and optimized Powerbanks ensure a high charging current, even when the sunlight is weaker.

Sustainable and fair production:

  • Our devices are mainly assembled in Germany. At our foreign production sites, we pay attention to ISO certification and compliance with international standards.
  • Unlike our competitors, we also use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.
  • We focus on social responsibility and fair production conditions.
  • We cooperate with sheltered workshops.

The team behind Sonnenrepublik

Dr. Oliver Lang, solid-state physicist and product developer, received his doctorate in thin-film solar cells and founded his first company in 1997. Since then, he has constantly pursued his idea of making solar energy suitable for everyday use and accessible to everyone. His well-founded expertise in the field of photovoltaics, more than 25 years of experience from his own engineering offices and several successful start-ups as well as his extensive network form the base of the Sonnenrepublik. He develops all the company’s products in cooperation with product designers and production experts.