Charging Infrastructure for Light E-mobility (LEV)

Problems / Requirements

  • Currently hardly existing charging infrastructure for pedelecs/e-bikes, cargo bikes, e-scooters etc. in public spaces. This is a problem especially for rental vehicles from rental companies and for off-grid regions, e.g. also in tourist areas.
  • Charging method especially for e-scooters: Rental vehicles are usually collected by diesel transporters, charged on the grid and distributed again at designated locations. This results in a high CO2 footprint, any ecological benefit of the electric vehicles is nullified.
Table of the development of Light E-Mobility in Germany until 2030

Our solution

  • Solar powered charging stations in various designs, e.g. in the form of solar umbrellas in professional commercial design as stationary or mobile charging points
  • Solar module output up to 1300 Watt, integrated battery storage up to over 1500Wh
  • Output 230V AC and 28-56V DC for light e-mobility vehicles. Additional outputs 12V and USB 5V.
  • Direct integration charge converter possible, thus separate output for LEV vehicles with programmable voltage and data communication (e.g. EnergyBus) for high efficiency charging on DC basis.
Different application possibilities for a solar umbrella.

GreenDrive – Solar Power for Golf Carts

The entire solar system for autarkic power supply of the golf cart consists of the solar module HES-104-350 with frame including the complete charge electronics for 48V lead acid batteries with temperature compensation and LCD display. The display shows the generated energy, the avoided amount of CO2 and other data. It can also show the current values or the total yields.

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The solar cells used have a contact-free, dark blue surface and a very high energy conversion of 22%. The base plate with fibreglass reinforcement has an aluminium coloured surface on both sides and is covered with a UV and weather resistant foil on the top. Due to its special construction, the module is semi-flexible, robust and lightweight. The module is fixed on a frame made of brushed stainless steel, which can be attached to various golf cart models.

The Advantages of GreenDrive

  • Can be installed on site at any time
  • High performance solar panel: 350 Wp
  • No operating costs
  • Permanent charging in the sunlight
  • The golf cart can be rented out for the whole day.

State-of-the-Art Solar Technology:

  • Very high energy conversion efficiency of 22%
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Semi-flexible and very robust

Technical Data of the Solar Panel

  • Real power: 350W @ 1000W/m2 AM1.5, Tmod=55°C
  • Real charge current: 5.85A @ 1000W/m2 AM1.5, Tmod=55°CC
  • Dimensions / Weight: approx. 1710 x 1100 x 35mm / approx. 12kg

Technical Data of the Charge Electronics and the Display

  • Output voltage: 40 … 56V (Tamb=25°C /48V Battery)
  • Temperature compensation: Lead-Acid / AGM / Gel
  • Energy conversion efficiency: approx. 99% @ 10-350W
  • Closed Quiescent current:  max. 3mA @ 50V, Tamb = 35°C
  • Dimensions: approx. 80 x 60 x 60mm (display)
  • Cable: 2x 4mm2 insulated
Golfcart Solarmodul

Power Indicator

The power indicator is mounted underneath of the solar panel. It is rotatable which allows adjustment to the viewing angle.

The device performs regularly precise measurements of the relevant parameters such as charge current, power, temperature, time, etc. The recorded data is processed and stored internally and can be displayed by pressing a button on the LCD display.

Download Product Specification Sheet

Example Menu 1: Total solar energy generated since installation in kWh (top row) | Total avoided CO2 emissions in kg (bottom row)