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Multifunctional power station with 230V AC Sine Output

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Foldable USB Solar Charger - practical energy source for on the go.

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Miniature solar charger as emergency power supply for mobile phones

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Multifunctional power station with 1260Wh and high AC output power as well as DC charging power

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The smart Solar Charger with extra performance.

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Mobile auxiliary battery for USB devices, notebooks and any devices with 12-24V charging voltage

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The smart solar charger with extra performance - lightweight, compact and powerful.

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Multifunctional accessory: charger for AA and AAA batteries or power bank.

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Powerful, mobile power source for motorhomes, boats, etc.

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The smaller plug-and-play balcony power system with low space requirements.

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The ready-to-use balcony power system with semi-flexible and particularly narrow solar modules.

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Ultra-light, long-life solar module for motor homes, boats, electric vehicles or lightweight roofs.