Urban Energy Systems

The parasol in professional commercial design for gastronomy, hotels, promenades etc. is equipped with highly efficient components for self-sufficient solar power supply. The photovoltaic modules in crystalline foil technology are located on the upper struts of the parasol. The Li-Ion battery and the electronic unit are housed in a slim housing at table height.

The four struts have integrated high-efficiency LED light strips from the inside, which can be activated in 3 light levels from the operating terminal.

The operating terminal also has 4 USB-A outputs for powering smartphones, tablets, etc. At the lower end of the battery unit 2 car sockets are installed, into which cigarette lighter adapters for 12V devices fit, e.g. for supplying notebooks or camping equipment, but also pedelecs.

In the upper area of the mast there is a 12V connection for the permanent supply of a WLAN router. This allows the PV parasol to be used as an energy-autonomous WLAN hub and to connect any free space to the Internet without any cables.

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