Custom Design

The Sonnenrepublik has professional know-how and many years of experience in the field of self-sufficient power supplies. These include typical components such as solar modules, rechargeable batteries and electronics, but also peripheral components such as housings and other mechanical components. Customer-specific developments like systems with wind generators and other energy harvesters are possible as well. We are also happy to develop your special electronic application in the field of DC/DC converters, battery management, controllers, sensor technology, etc.

The components used by us are characterized by highest efficiency and manufacturing quality. This results in highly functional complete systems with a long service life. Our solar modules are extremely robust and can be produced in weatherproof, semi-flexible, flat and lightweight versions. Our solar products can be made in Germany or in foreign production facilities under fair working conditions tested by us regarding the customer requirements.

Examples of custom design projects that have already been implemented include

  • Solar cases for smartphones and tablets
  • Solar parasols for permanent supply of notebooks, USB devices, LED light, cooling, audio system, WLAN router, pedelecs
  • Solar cells integrated into street surfaces for a large-scale energy supply (more)
  • Solar roofs for golf carts and other electric vehicles – with 350Wp we have developed the world’s most powerful modules
  • Solar pico systems for third world countries, consisting of mobile phone charger and LED light

Find out more on our Custom Design Website.

Do you need a special solution for autarkic energy supplies? Then we are looking forward to receiving your inquiry and we would be happy to talk to you in person. With our competent team we develop customer-specific systems under the same roof and are thus able to implement your optimal solution quickly.